why do you need a videographer?

Surely a photographer is good enough for your wedding? WHY do you also need a videographer? I think most of the time these questions will ironically come from the groom to his bride. Men are often thinking about budget or just don't understand the need for one- and I get it. Because I shoot both photography and videography I feel I can offer an unbiased answer. Photos are incredible- they freeze time and hold moments like nothing else. BUT there is something about a well made video, set to the backdrop of some emotional music that just has all the 'feels'. Imagine seeing moving images of yourself on your wedding day- walking down the aisle, how your dress moved with the wind, your first kiss, hearing your friends laughing, and your husbands speech. It's just magic! Nothing brings tears to the eyes like a wedding video. Also having something to share across social media for friends and family to see is such a win! If your budget allows for it, I highly suggest thinking about having a videographer. You can find my packages HERE.

mike & lisa - fordoun

Guys. I’m not sure where to start. I have so much I could say. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Mike & Lisa’s wedding day is how welcomed I felt. Like genuinely I was a guest at a friend’s wedding and not there to film it. Just part of the family.

It was the most wonderful celebration of a close knit family and friends. I hope the feels and vibes come across in the video. Thank you team, thank you.

keziah & Grant - umhlanga

I’ve never been to Bali, but I swear the whole wedding I kept pinching myself thinking I’d slept through a flight! Kez and Grant I'm at a loss for words- your day was unbelievable.

kaylee & BRAD - haycroft farm

Come boiling hot sunshine or pouring rain, nothing was gonna stop the celebration on Kaylee and Brad’s day! They embodied the positive attitude and surrounded themselves with the most awesome bridal party! 

Guys I couldn’t stop smiling on the day, and editing this for you was such a joy!

Conrad & Cayleigh - BOTHA'S HOUSE

The Greatest Love the World Will Ever See🎵

sam & duncan - kirstenvale

Wedding days are beautiful wonderful celebrations, BUT there is always a journey leading up to it, and sometimes it isn’t like we see in the movies. From listening to their ceremony and speeches I learnt that Sam and Duncan’s journey was full of ups and downs, full of challenges. But there they were finally standing together in front of their loved ones getting married.

I witnessed a South African family and an American family coming together. It was emotional, full of smiles and PROPER dancing! Watch till the end of the video you won’t be disappointed.

Stuart & Tarryn - The glades

Stu was very proud of his car. Taz had nervous butterflies. Tim was mistaken as a butler. The dress reveal to Dad was a tear jerker. And above all else Stu and Taz were the most in love. 

Yes, it was a great day.

Mike & Tayla - haycroft

Driving home from Mike & Tay’s wedding I ran through so many moments in my head and grinned from ear to ear. I knew I had a banger wedding video on my hands. 

I very proudly present their big day. Mike & Tay you guys were next level. Thank you🙏🏻

katja & meder - winterton farm

When Katja and Meder said they were getting married on the farm I assumed potatoes and mielies, not a private game reserve vibe in Winterton! What a beautiful day it was!


The One with the socks, a saucy album, a song from brother, a poem from mother, and the most awesome live music…

Pete & Jem - the gallery

I’ve known Pete and Jem for a couple years so when they asked me to film their wedding I saw it as an honor, and also knew it would be a memorable one!

From the company you keep it’s easy to see the amazing relationships you have with your friends and family. I saw so many long hugs and big smiles being given over the day. Everyone was there to celebrate with and for you. Thank you for entrusting me.

Richard & jess - Tala game reserve

There is something about an African Bush wedding that resonates with me- it just feels so right!

Richard and Jess had the most perfect day and were blessed with the most incredible orange sunset. With animals wondering around us and a drive in a game vehicle you couldn’t ask for more really!

Lize & JP - sweethome

No amount of rain was gonna stop this celebration!

Lize & JP man you guys were amazing!!! Thank you for just going with the flow🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

derryn & garth - sweethome

December weddings in KZN bring with them one main challenge: the weather. You know it’s gonna either be a scorcher or raining! Derryn and Garth had a bit of both, but not for one second was it ever an issue! It’s amazing how clear umbrella’s can actually add a vibe, ESPECIALLY if you have an amazing bridal party like theirs! Guys I appreciate you. Thank you for being so down to earth, so comfortable, and so genuine on your day. I think it reflects in your video.

Mat & inoele - sweethome

As a bride if you had to wish for all the pieces to fall into place on your wedding day, you’d hope for a day like Inz and Mat had.

Marek & Sarah - kirstenvale

When I first met Marek and Sarah over coffee we spent half the time talking about filming, what camera I use, settings, editing, etc. And it was AMAZING! The reason being is that they are have a YouTube channel themselves and document their travels across the world. Weirdly I didn’t feel any pressure on the day, they were just so awesome and the day was incredible despite the rain!

kurt & Kelly - sweethome

You know that the day starting off with the Boks winning the rugby against the Aussies is gonna be a good day!

Dom & KELSEY - fordoun

In what felt like we were on the set of Bridgerton or Downton Abbey, Dom and Kelsey got married at the beautiful Fordoun.

NICK & TARA - glencairn

Now this is how you kick off 2022! A little bit of rain wasn't going to stop these celebrations! The mist over the mountains just added to the vibe!

Nick and Tara, and your entire bridal party... you guys were amazing. We could not have asked for a more festive, positive, celebratory bunch of people. I hope the happiness and laughter come across in the video, because it was such a jol.

JOZUA & MARINETTE - bellwood

On the way back from their couples shoot I commented to Marinette & Jozua about their table numbers. I said “So cool you continued the Lord of The Rings vibe through to the tables”. You see the one table I filmed was labelled ‘Elf’. Everyone burst into laughter correcting me that it was actually ‘eleven’ in Afrikaans. Moment I’ll never forget it was so hysterical! It was a baie lekker wedding.

BRENDAN & KYLAH - umtamvuna river lodge

Organising a wedding during lockdown is no joke, Kylah Petzer and Brendan had to move their date round a couple times, so when their big day finally came it was with much relief and celebration! I will remember their day as one full of smiles- theirs and the guests. Thank you guys for being such a pleasure to work with:) Not many couples would hop in a boat and happily walk across the beach in the sea water. I totally think it was worth it!

DANIKA & SHANE - shalwyn

What a VIBE!!! I know when I’m editing a wedding and jamming in my chair that it was a jol. Nothing like a proper party to celebrate the new Mr & Mrs Anderson.

HANNAH & JONO - willow way manor

When all the pieces come together and you have the most beautiful wedding day! I get to meet some incredible humans shooting weddings as my full time job. This wedding was filled with them. The day was a pleasure from the first second to the very last. Sometimes I just want to put my camera down and join in on the dance floor. I then remind myself I must look professional and I’m there to do a job!

NICOLA & JACQUES - brahman hills

Gorgeous Emirates air hostess from Wales and professinal ICC cricket coach. In typical summer weather we started off with a scorcher of a day and half way through our creative shoot the heavens opened to a down pour! What remained after the brief shower was the most beautiful golden light with a rainbow and dark clouds as the backdrop.

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